the senate budget advisory committee (sbac) is a standing committee of senate that advises the president on the preparation of the annual budget. sbac's mandate arises from s.62(2) of the university act: "the president must prepare and submit to the board an annual budget in consultation with the appropriate standing committee of the senate."


  • to review the university's annual budget with respect to its impact upon the university's programs and educational services.
  • to make recommendations to the president sufficiently in advance of the adoption of each university budget as to allow sbac's recommendations to be considered by the president in making budget decisions.
  • to request, receive and review data and make recommendations in a timely manner to the president as deemed appropriate in relation to the university budget.
  • To recommend to Senate a draft senate operations budget, in accordance with Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training guidelines and University policies.
  • to report to senate on its activities.

2020 - 2021 membership

vice-chair of senate stephen williams
administrator dennis silvestrone
administrator  debbie schatcher
faculty deb jamison
faculty michael thoma (chair)
faculty anthea mallinson
staff marnie findlater 
student ramandeep kaur
(nov-voting) ex-officio member  
chair of senate paul dangerfield 
vp finance and administration  debbie carter
director, finance  tally bains
*one additional faculty member will be added if the vice-chair of senate is not a faculty member.

general information: