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          Retail Connection

          Retail Connection assists retailers and their staff to collaborate, engage, learn, and innovate their way to retail success.


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          Retail Connection
          Workshops and Microskills
              Mastering the art of service - Part 1 Zoom conference (1 hour)
              Mastering the art of service - Part 2 Zoom conference (1 hour)
              Secure your store, your customers, and YOU! Webinar (1 hour)
              Effective retail life skills Online (1 hour)
              The power of merchandise management Webinar (1 hour)
              Profiling your market Online (1 hour)
              Mastering the art of selling Interactive forum (2 hours)
              Operation TEAM + mentoring Interactive forum (3 hours)
              Driving YOUR retail career Webinar (1 hour)
              The artistry of visual merchandising + mentoring Workshop (2 hours)
              Event - walking tour of Wodonga + retail panel of experts Walking tour and retail panel (3 hours)

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